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As we continue to enjoy this beautiful, albeit hot, summer season with which the Lord has gifted us, please try to take a moment out of your busy days to remember those of our brothers and sisters who are less blessed than ourselves.  If you are able, reach out financially, spiritually, socially or bodily and act on the Lord’s behalf.  Go, as the Lord sent His disciples, and spread His love to all of those who feel neglected or forgotten. Show them that they are not alone and that God loves them and so do we.

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Over these next few weeks, we will be learning about the time that Jesus spent on Earth after His resurrection and before His glorious Ascension to the right hand of the Father in Heaven.  We will hear of theses deeds from the apostles who were the witnesses of them.  Then we will celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples, filling them with wisdom, knowledge and power as well as the gift of tongues or the ability to speak so that all people could understand them regardless of their own languages.  So as you can see, Easter is not just one day.  It is not even the Octave, or eight weeks that we celebrate.  No, Easter is every day of the year.  Christ risen from the grave happens eternally and forever for the forgiveness of our sins.


He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

In these trying times, I urge you to take comfort and draw joy from the eternal Easter message, He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!   Christ’s glorious resurrection is what being a Christian is all about and today is when we sing aloud our happiness and joy. For it is through Jesus’ eternal, perfect sacrifice on the cross that we are made whole, our sins forgiven and the promise of eternal life is bestowed upon us.  All we need to do to reap this greatest of all gifts is to believe in Him, our Lord and Savior, and to follow His teachings as He leads us on the road to the Heavenly Kingdom.  Please, be strong, take care and stay well as we once again join together as the one Body of Christ to sing praise, honor and glory to His most Holy Name.

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Next Sunday, March 24th is PALM SUNDAY.  Pleases join us as we celebrate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, greeted by the crowds with shouts of “Hosanna, Hosanna to the King of David”, only to have them turn on Him less than a week later, demanding His Crucifixion. There will be one Mass only at 9:00 AM with blessing and distribution of Palms and procession. 

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Ash Wednesday is February 14th.  That is right around the corner.  I hope that everyone is already spending some time each day in thoughtful prayer and meditation as we approach the solemn season of Lent.  Lent gives us a chance to ponder the earth shattering implications of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection on the world, both then and now, and how it impacts our lives each and every day as we follow Him to eternal glory. Devotional booklets to help focus you are available on the table in the vestibule.  Please take one as you leave.

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The celebration of this season is a preparation for Holy Lent. The three Sundays of Pre-Lent come seventy, sixty and fifty days before Easter.  The liturgical color of this season which prepares us to anticipate the spiritual rigors of the Lenten Season is rose.  Lent then takes on the somber hue of purple signifying the seven-week period of penitence and introspection and our conversion of heart.

During Pre-Lent the Alleluia heard before the proclamation of the Gospel is eliminated from the Mass and will continue to be so through Lent until Easter morning.   In place of the Alleluias, we will hear only a mournful chant called the Tract.  Also begun in Pre-Lent is the elimination of the singing of the Gloria which will remain silenced through the Lenten season until the Resurrection of Jesus is proclaimed on Easter. 

Floral adornments of the high altar are still appropriate through Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, though such adornment may be abandoned if so desired.


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